Since 1970, we have been safely providing contractors with a full line of steel fabrication, and supply services. Our large facility is capable of producing high quality industrial strength structural, commercial, and ornamental steel. Feel free to contact us to schedule a visit to our facility where you can speak with a representative that can service your needs.

Our team of trained steel construction estimators, project managers, detailers and welders are dedicated to providing quality structural steel fabrication and structural steel design in Montana and other various locations throughout the United States.

For almost 50 years, Anderson Steel has been recognized as one of the leaders in structural steel fabrication and supply for commercial, industrial and residential structures throughout Montana and surrounding states.

We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously, go the extra mile to earn your confidence and exceed your expectations. We use the latest technology that allows us to deliver on time and on budget. From estimating to installation, you can count on Anderson Steel to provide you with the most knowledgeable and professional customer service to help you get your project done right.

Our professional team is dedicated to customer service and has a reputation for living up to its commitments. All of our work is detailed and fabricated in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Three Generations

Our commitment of quality and craftsmanship traces its roots to the company’s founder, Duane F. (Bud) Anderson, a native Montanan with a passion for detail. In 1994, his Daughter, Susan Humble carried on the Anderson Steel tradition of exacting work and demanding standards while expanding company’s capabilities and customer list. Today, Todd Humble marks the third generation to share the family pride. Under their leadership, Anderson Steel is now an established corporate construction supply company offering the full range of steel construction services while maintaining the same high standards and individual attention our customers have come to expect.

Mission Statement
The willingness to do what others cannot or won’t do by pushing the leading edge of fabrication, through the use of technology and skilled craftsmanship. Providing a quality product in a timely manner at a competitive price.

Anderson Steel Core Values

Core Value no. 1: Always Maintain Integrity

­Integrity is much more than just doing the right thing, it represents character. The idea that no matter what you are doing it is done to the best of your ability! Each team member encompasses this attitude as we work to accomplish the mission, improve ourselves, or manage our projects. Ultimately, Anderson Steel represents a group of people committed to being the right people, which leads to doing the right things!

Core Value no. 2: Always maintain a plan – plan everything

­Success on projects or the Fabrication of steel components does not just happen. Whether it is safety, quality, or budgeting, every activity must be planned in detail. When dealing with Anderson Steel you deal with a group of individuals dedicated to investing the necessary time to plan every aspect of your project.

Core Value no. 3: Always maintain quality

­Quality means a lot of different things, but at Anderson Steel it means adherence to every specification related to your project. In order to maintain quality, each team member must fully understand what is expected and ensure we maintain these ideals. As a steel fabricator and supplier of doors and hardware, fulfilling the objectives of the mission means meeting every single demand outlined in the specifications, plans, drawings, and other contract documents.

Core Value no. 4: Always remain relevant

­Each team member must remain current with training in order to continually offer the best service to our clients. Right now, each Anderson Steel employee is required to spend a minimum number of hours each quarter improving themselves personally and professionally. In order to maintain a relevant business, it is imperative that Anderson Steel invest in its people.

Core Value no. 5: Always remember competition is internal

­Anderson Steel understands the competitive market, but we focus more on making sure we remain true to our core values, and overall mission. Our success does not depend on what others are doing, but rather on how we perform measured against our goals.

Core Value no. 6: Never act on the premise: “it has always been done this way”

­Every process, every procedure must add value to the customer. We do not perform task, or adhere to industry standards just because it has been repeated year after year. Anderson Steel desires to lead the industry, not just be a member of it!

Core Value no. 7: Never accept things the way they are, “Do better”

­Anderson Steel always searches for areas to improve. This includes figuring out methods that might be safer, less expensive, or add value to the project. We do not want to make changes for the sake of change; however, it is our culture to constantly search for more efficient ways to perform.

Core Value no. 8: Never sacrifice accuracy for assumption

­No matter if it is a project, estimate, or a specification we must do our homework! As a industry leader our clients demand expertise and Anderson Steel delivers it by making sure we deal only with facts, not assumptions.

Core Value no. 9: Never forget the reason we exist: clients

­Anderson Steel exist for our clients. Everything we do leads with this principle. The objective is to consider what is best for the client in everything we do. Sometimes the client is not right, but they are still the client.

Core Value no. 10: Never let someone else run your project

­Anderson Steel projects are run by Anderson Steel project managers. We never let any outside influence interfere with how we operate. We are all about working as a team as long as everyone understands that the project is run the Anderson Steel way all the time.